Absolutely free! Well, almost…

Ever feel like you just need a quiet place to get away from it all?  Wow, who has not said that over these past few crazy months of 2020?  I have such a place.  It is the in the corner of the studios of KNIGHTsong Ministries (otherwise known as my in-laws spare bedroom) where I am seated at the piano.  It has been at the piano that I have found my “quiet place” throughout my entire life.

And now, I want to share it with all of you absolutely free!   Well, almost…

I have just finished the second recording project in the CANDLELIGHT SERIES. What is the CANDLELIGHT SERIES? This is my legacy project.  As I get older I realize that one day I will no longer be around to play any more songs on the piano, so I wanted to leave a piece of myself behind for the grandchildren. The first installment was CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT, released last November.  The latest is HYMNS BY CANDLELIGHT.  This project may or may not be available in CD form in the future, but for now it is available exclusively on my website as a download, and is completely free of charge. Here’s the link:   https://knightsongministries.com/music#!  I encourage you to download and share freely with anyone who might also need a quiet place.

These past few months have taken their toll on many churches, ministries and individuals, KSM included.  With so much pain to go around, I have hesitated to even ask for your prayers.  This is how the Lord impressed me to do just that.  Here are 24 familiar hymns arranged in 5 thematic Medleys.  They are piano only arrangements.  I only ask that you pray for the future of this ministry as you download the files.   That’s the “almost free” part! 

There is no small print.  You don’t have to share your email address or provide any information.    There’s nowhere to enter a credit card nor is there a link to PayPal  You couldn’t pay for this if you wanted to.  This is not a veiled attempt to raise money.  It is rather a gift from me to anyone who needs it.  I am sharing my quiet place. 

Like so many others who share similar vocations, the Pandemic completely cleared our calendar.  It remains clear at least through August as concerts and conferences continue to cancel.  We are seeking God’s will for our future as it seems that to continue would require a complete restart.  Many of the places we have told Matt’s story are churches… all of whom have been dramatically affected by the lockdown as well.  Who knows how this will likewise affect how they view bringing in a ministry like ours; and who could blame them?

So yet again…one step at a time…a lamp unto my feet…I need God’s guidance for the next step.  And as such, I need your prayers.  This latest project is of a quality you will be pleased with.  Original renditions of familiar hymns have been meticulously recorded digitally and then mastered to high quality .mp3 files.  This represents a huge piece of my life and many hours of rehearsal, recording, editing, mixing and mastering,  This is surely not “a gift that costs me nothing”.  All things considered however, I believe it to be a very small price to pay in exchange for the prayers of God’s people.

Stay well.  Stay safe.  Stay faithful.  There is hope!