How Could I Ask For More?

I’ve been asked several times today how yesterday’s presentation of the first MATTHEW VIRGEL SCHOLARSHIP went. I’ve been thinking all day on exactly what to say, and I find myself tonight with a dozen thoughts, yet few coherent sentences. So let’s try this one a bit differently. How about some random thoughts and you can reach your own conclusion? Here we go…

Extremely warm welcome Very professional, organized, competent and accommodating staff A room full of respectful students and professors…and some very special guests The chance to tell Matt’s story including an unapologetic presentation of the gospel The privilege to invest in a small way in the life of another young man To hear “thank you” a hundred times (literally) To not only meet Tyler and learn about his life, but also to meet his entire family To be in the same room and speak from the very same platform that Matt walked across some 14 years earlier when he received his diploma… and to sense that he was in some way watching intently everything that was happening To spend a few moments with a past and present President of this school over a plate of barbecue. To sense that God was “up to something” in a powerful way

Or how about this one? To watch my wife fight through those tears that will never have an end and embrace another son’s mother. To be so proud of her… how instead of living forever in the unrelenting grip of grief, she CHOSE to reach out and turn her misery into ministry.

What do you think? That ought to be enough, right?

Yet after all of this while fielding so many of those “thank you’s”, I noticed a young student waiting patiently in a long line to speak with me. Yet when it came her “turn”, it seemed that she could barley speak through her tears. Soon I would join her. For you see, after all of the nearly unbelievable “God moments” of this day, this precious young lady gave her heart to Christ.

You see Matt, your life though cut so tragically short, truly mattered… and it still does. But I guess you know that now much better than I do. Perhaps you even got a little “heavenly heads up” and you knew in advance what was coming. Could be that’s why you were watching so intently?

How could I ask for more?

Tyler Webb!