FRIDAY NUMBER 2… November 15
KSM begins scheduling 2020, and on into the future

In an earlier post I mentioned that KSM was approaching some sort of paradigm shift. I also told you that I really didn’t; know exactly what that meant. Well, I’m still not certain, but now I have a little better idea.

Shaunda and I stayed gone for the better part of the initial two years. That’s the way we had it planned, and exactly what we wanted. The second two years found us out on the road nearly as much. Well here I sit looking forward to a YEAR 5 (can you believe it?) with several coast to coast tours and more than 120,000 miles behind us, it may be time to look at this year differently.

Last year we launched MISSIONvideo as a way to support KSM. You may recall me talking a little about this at the beginning of this year. I never mentioned it much after that, mostly because I had a limited amount of time to invest in this ministry approach, and those slots filled up almost immediately. Let’s put those two endeavors together, shall we? I think the main difference this year is that we will be based out of Texas a bit more.


Instead of heading for another geographical location (for an extended period) 3 or 4 times a year,

We may only head out once or twice, and base out of Greenville for the remaining months.


We are still “anytime, anywhere, with no mention of finances”. To make this work, we may actually have to drive a few more miles and fly to a a few more places. I will also need to keep the KSM studio growing with a couple of rather major purchases to facilitate the growth. The only real down side is that this may cost a bit more money.

So… what shall I do?

Send out a few letters and ask for money? Ah, c’mon. You know better than that! But… how about I clear up a little more through the week time and take on a couple more churches for MISSIONvideo next year? All right! That sounds a whole lot better. I think I’ll spend January and February focusing on this ministry. So what is “MISSIONvideo”? Glad you asked!

In MISSIONvideo I consult with churches in worship service development and produce custom media for them as well. I create custom worship traks complete with lyric videos, produce radio shows, podcasts and complete recording sessions. I can complete sound and video installs for television production and/or live-streaming. There are many other ways I can be involved as well. God has given me a lifetime of worship ministry experience, and this year alone I have worked with churches with attendance from 60 – 600. In turn, your church would support KSM on a monthly basis. I would then use those funds to purchase that extra fuel, some studio equipment and a few more plane tickets. Sound interesting? Let’s start a conversation. Give me a call.

This is also the time of year that I begin scheduling concerts, Live Worship Events and other ministry opportunities. Because of the slight difference in how we are approaching this year, it may actually be easier for us to visit your church on a specific date. Feel free to call with any dates that may fit in with your calendar. That being said, we already have a tour planned heading East from mid-September to mid-November.  We also have 4 fly dates and 3 conferences scheduled for next year.

Know a way that Matt’s incredible story of hope could impact those around you? Give me a call or send me an email. 

Concerned we might be busy? ANYTIME.

Worried about the size of your church or organization? ANYWHERE.

Afraid you can’t afford this level of ministry? NO MENTION OF FINANCES.

Thats how it was intended to work.  Let’s be honest.  Some places we go we don’t even cover our expenses.  Other places we have plenty to spare.  Mix it all together and combine with the Churches, businesses and individuals that regularly support this ministry and it works.  I don’t know how… it just works!  Praise God!

Now, do you want to help us? Pray… no I mean it! Please pray! I’ve said this all around the country. Selling our house, quitting my job and hitting the world is NOWHERE NEAR as frightening as trying to do this ministry without the power of God when I stand before hurting people. By the way, with regard to that whole “sell your house” thing, don’t feel sorry for me!

This has been the most incredible journey my life.

We want to serve. We love to tell Matt’s story. Any takers?


Thought I did. ?