Joe Knight is a polished and experienced minister. Whether speaking or leading worship, you can trust him to honor Jesus Christ with everything he says and does on your platform.”

— Bruce Stinson, Pastor, Hamshire First Baptist, Hamshire (TX)


There are at least 2 important reasons to bring Joe and Shaunda to your church, conference or event.  First, to expose your people to a powerful story filled with incredible hope.  Second, to help fund this ministry so they might share this story with hurting parents across the nation with no mention of finances.  Would you like to join the journey?  Here's how!

Joe is available for musical performances including original music written  by Joe Knight.  From intimate worship opportunities and piano solos to great hymns and their stories, familiar worship tunes and even a singer-songwriter set, no two concerts are exactly alike.  Programmed  to best minister to  your church or audience, each experience is packed with their incredible message of hope.

Taking his first position as church pianist at age 11, his first position as a church music director at 15 and continuing even today has prepared Joe perfectly for ministry to the church.  You will be moved as Joe leads you in Christ centered worship, all the time sharing an incredible message of hope.

Life change is what Joe and Shaunda are all about; salvation, restoration and grief share! All this is presented in one life changing program. Our church has benefited from KSM Ministry on many occasions. ”

— Pastor Bob Stephens - Grace Baptist Church of Akron (OH)



                     Lessons From Life and Death

This is also the title of the next book authored by Joe KNIGHT following TEARS IN A BOTTLE. It chronicles a series of stories that Joe has learned from Life and death.

Worshipping with jJoe and hearing Stories from family and real-life Law Enforcement experiences. You will soon realize that the "road" that Joe speaks of is the "road of life".. 

It is the lessons we learn along that road that shape us into the people we are today and prepare us for what awaits "just around the next curve"..


                              The Journey of a Lifetime

fter losing their adult son to Cancer, Joe and Shaunda experienced a Journey that would change their life. 

They sold nearly everything they had and purchased a truck and a fifth wheel. They then set off on a 2-year journey to share an unbelievable story of hope.  In addition to great music, you will hear many great real-life stories they experienced on their  life changing adventure. 


Unfortunately for many, the intense emotions of the Holiday season can be overwhelming.  This unique Christmas worship experience once again combines videos, music and even more great stories.

Plan on laughing and perhaps even a tear or two.  All of the elements deliver a powerful Christ honoring Christmas message pf hope!