Thinking about things I'm thankful for in 2021. Thankful for you dramatically improving our sound at GBC! ” - Keith, Greenville Bible Church

KNIGHTsong Ministries is sustained in a large part by the donations of those who share this visions.  KSM however, NEVER asks for those donations. Instead, Joe garners his 40+ years of vocational ministry experience in churches large and smal to find ways to fund this ministry by working.  As such,  KNIGHTsong Ministries offers individualized training, resources, and consultation services to provide vision and best practices for worship ministries and beyond. Leveraging Joe also provides customized media elements, worship planning and media development assistance including podcasts, radio shows, and custom recording projects.  Joe has also expanded MISSIONvideo to include sound system, lighting and media consulting and installation in churches all across the state of Texas and beyond.  And all of this is to enable Joe and Shaunda to tell Matt's incredible story of hope.  

Any "profit" derived from these endeavors goes 100% into the checking account of KNIGHTsong Ministries.  In this way those "profits" are used to further the telling of their incredible story of hope.  Ministry helping Ministry.

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It is a huge blessing to find someone who really understands the challenge of church media and technology. It is an unbelievable blessing to find a person that also understands ministry. Joe Knight is that person.”

— Jay Cook, Grace Baptist Church, Akron (OH)