Trained as a classical pianist, Joe delivers quality instrumental and vocal music, diverse in style from piano solos and original tunes to familiar worship songs and hymns.  His appearances also include exceptional media and a powerful message of hope.  The KNIGHTsong Ministries ministry model is "anytime, anywhere with no mention of finances, and to be the lowest maintenance guest a Pastor or leader could ever have".















Musician and Author Joe KNIGHT along with his wife, Shaunda, share a powerful message of hope.  You will not regret a single moment spent in any amazing worship experience with this couple.  

Born from the loss of their son to cancer in his third year of Bible College, their ministry offers amazing hope to hurting people everywhere, and equally to those who have not yet experienced overwhelming loss.

KNIGHTsong Ministries is a 501(c)3 ministry association established to make it possible for Joe and Shaunda to tell the incredible story of hope and grace through the loss of their son Matt.  An evening with this couple is unlike anything else you have likely experienced.

Joe Knight was born into a Northeastern Ohio Christian home where he learned early in life he had a god-given talent to play the piano. Joe surrendered to ministry at a young age and served as  a vocational Minister for 35 years. Additionally, he traveled full-time with his music group and as a soloist, producing multiple recording projects and even a Gospel Music Show in Branson, Missouri. Joe currently resides in Greenville, Texas with his wife Shaunda, They spend their time traveling and working with their non-profit, KNIGHTsong Ministries. 

"There is Hope!" 

Experienced loss? Struggling with grief? Joe and Shaunda are no strangers to any of these emotions. After losing their son Matt to cancer, Joe shares his family's struggles through powerful stories from their Journey. From a father's point of view, this story shares the unbelieve spirit of hope and the power of God in the middle of life's difficulties. 

Joe has authored 4 books, released a dozen recording projects and written nearly nearly 100 songs.  Joe and Shaunda have travelled from coast to coast telling Matt's story through concerts, speaking, conferences and live worship events more than 200 times.  

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