The KNIGHTsong Ministries ministry model is "anytime, anywhere with no mention of finances, and to be the lowest maintenance guest a Pastor or leader could ever have".


Hope is on the way...

Joe and Shaunda Knight are no strangers to tragedy

Born from the loss of their son in his third year of Bible College, they offer a ministry of amazing hope to hurting people everywhere.

KNIGHTsong Ministries is a 501(c)3 ministry association established to make it possible for Joe and Shaunda to tell the incredible story of hope and grace through the loss of their son Matt.  They also present concerts, lead worship, speak, lead in conferences, produce recording projects  and offer worship ministry consulting.  Joe has released multiple recording projects and has authored four books.

Joe Knight was born into a Northeastern Ohio Christian home where he learned early in life he had a god-given talent to play the piano. Joe surrendered to ministry at a young age and served as  a Minister for 35 years. Additionally, he traveled full-time with his music group and as a soloist, producing multiple records and a Gospel Music Show in Branson, Missouri. Joe currently resides in Greenville, Texas with his wife Shaunda, They currently spend their time traveling and working on their non-profit KnightSong Ministries. 

"There is Hope!" 

Experienced loss? Struggling with grief? Joe is no stranger to any of these emotions. After losing his son to cancer, Joe shares his family's struggles through powerful stories of their journey. From a father's point of view, this story shares the unbelieve spirit of hope and the power of God in the middle of life's difficulties. 

In 2016 Joe and his wife Shaunda set out on THE GREATER JOURNEY through their non-profit KNIGHTsong Ministries to share their son's unbelieve story. Joe’s ministry only builds on the spirit of hope that they experienced after the death of their son. Their experience, combined with powerful stories, solos, opportunities for worship, moving videos and uplifting piano and vocal music provide freedom through faith in a troubled world.

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