WINTER 2020 

As you may (or may not) have noticed, Shaunda and I have been off the grid for the last few weeks. Since leaving Family Fellowship in March of 2016, we have traveled nearly year round for four years covering more 100,000 miles (not counting flights), released 3 books (and a second edition of the first one) along with 3 recording projects all while telling Matt’s story nearly 200 times. Add to that the Christmas concerts and a couple new Live Worship Events and well, it has…

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FRIDAY NUMBER 4 November 22

So next Friday is “Black Friday”…  and while you’re in the Christmas shopping mood, can I make a not so subtle suggestion?  

Need a reminder of what the holidays are all about? Imagine Christmas Eve, preparations complete.  Lights from the tree merge with the flicker of glowing candles. Or perhaps you just slipped into a quiet church where the bustle of the season takes a mandatory backseat to the reason for the season. With snow gently falling outside…

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FRIDAY NUMBER 2… November 15
KSM begins scheduling 2020, and on into the future

In an earlier post I mentioned that KSM was approaching some sort of paradigm shift. I also told you that I really didn’t; know exactly what that meant. Well, I’m still not certain, but now I have a little better idea.

Shaunda and I stayed gone for the better part of the initial two years. That’s the way we had it planned, and exactly what we wanted. The second two years found us out on the road nearly as much. Well here I sit…

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FRIDAY NUMBER 2!  November 8

TEARS IN A BOTTLE Lessons From A Broken Heart Second Edition is set to be released on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17!  And there is a HUGE request I have of you!

You have been the greatest supporters of this ministry, and we are truly grateful.  I am coming back to you once again however to ask you to help us with something very important.    Please take a look at this simple video and pray about helping us out one more time.  And please consider asking anyone in your sphere of…

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FRIDAY NUMBER 1…   November 1
The Road Ahead

When is FRIDAY #1? Why, it’s today! And today we release a very crucial timetable for KNIGHTsong Ministries. Once again we seek your help, there’s some big hills to climb just ahead! And today, I ask you to bathe these next three weeks and this ministry in your prayers.

To catch you up, we just completed several great weekends based out of East Texas, including another amazing conference experience. This one was at the beautiful seashore in New…

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On the plane headed for the East Coast where we will minister to 85 moms…all who have lost children.  

I’ll be sharing Matt’s story, we’ll be doing a breakout, and I get to close the conference on Sunday morning by sharing the hope we have through Christ. 

I’ll take all the prayers you’re got!


(highlight video at the bottom, pictures from the tour inserted throughout)

We recently turned The Virge back towards home, westbound this time! Leaving Marion NC calls for a six-mile uphill climb towards Asheville and then on into the Smokey Mountains. This is a drive that never disappoints! Funny though, we left cool mornings and rainy afternoons headed for sunshine and temperatures in the 90’s… and we are supposed to be heading into Fall. Sounds more like we are heading back into summer, and four of the…

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Wow, what a trip west!  If you watched the video I posted after our California conference you got a feel for it.  If you didn’t, don’t worry.  You’ll have a chance at a different edit shortly.    Upon returning home… well then there’s that.  We were on the go every weekend except for the fourth of July Holiday.  No complaints here, just busy. This included a great opportunity for MISSIONvideo to install a video system for our great friends at FBC Hamshire including a digital switcher and remote…

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There are four questions I get asked on a fairly regular basis.  First,  “What makes what you do a ministry?  Aren’t you just going around singing and speaking?”  Second,”What goes on at those conferences?”  Third, “What is MISSION VIDEO?”  And finally, “Where in the world are you now?”  

Some have already viewed this video, but this morning I wanted to share it with all of you.  At the very least it answers all four questions.

Do you ever wonder if you are really having an impact on the world around you…

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To all,

There is a pretty big announcement (at least for us) coming right around the corner. I am soon going to ask all of you to help us with something, and It will have a time sensitive component to it.