I’ve been taking about a “pretty big development” for KNIGHTSONG Ministries in my blog, posts and in our appearances.  It’s finally time to go public, at least the first part. We are absolutely thrilled to announce the presentation of the very first MATTHEW VIRGIL SCHOLARSHIP!  Thanks to a generous supporter, we have partnered with Jacksonville College (Matt’s alma mater) right here in East Texas.

On Wednesday morning of this week (October 27, 2021) I have the privilege to tell Matt’s story in a chapel service at this school.  Following his story, Shaunda and I will present the very first scholarship to a deserving young person.  What an amazing way for Matt’s legacy to live on.  To say that Shaunda and I are deeply moved and excited would be a tremendous understatement! We’ll post pictures, and give you an update soon after the presentation.

And that’s not all!  There could indeed be a much greater aspect of this portion of our ministry in the near future. This development very well may one day affect worthy students all across the country.  I can’t wait to tell you all about this one… 

…early next year!