FRIDAY NUMBER 1…   November 1
The Road Ahead

When is FRIDAY #1? Why, it’s today! And today we release a very crucial timetable for KNIGHTsong Ministries. Once again we seek your help, there’s some big hills to climb just ahead! And today, I ask you to bathe these next three weeks and this ministry in your prayers.

To catch you up, we just completed several great weekends based out of East Texas, including another amazing conference experience. This one was at the beautiful seashore in New Jersey. Here, in addition to our breakout, music and speaking, Shaunda had the opportunity to lead a small group of moms. A small group of moms all who lost their children by homicide. Believe me, Shaunda’s part of this ministry holds some “hair standing up on the back of your head” stories of God’s amazing grace. You really need to hear from her. She certainly has something to say.

We then experienced great back to back weekends in Texas. By the way, I love to talk about these trips with my out of state friends. “Two weekends in Texas?“ they say, Must be nice to be so close to home”. I love telling them that one of those weekends was in West Texas near the New Mexico border, and the following was in East Texas near the Louisiana border. Ah yes! Texas is a whole other country.

The East Texas church was an especially blessed experience for us. I had the opportunity to lead worship and speak in their Sunday morning service. On this particular day we shared with a congregation, around half of whom were homeless to one degree or another because of the intense and unexpected flooding from Tropical Storm Imelda. We also got to spend some time with some amazing volunteers from multiple states that were in town to lend a hand. And wow, what a worship experience it was as we “raised a hallelujah” in the middle of their tragedy. Oh the tears… and oh how they worshipped!

Ready now for what’s ahead over the next three Fridays? Each one will come with their own share of posts and videos. And each one with a request for you to share them and help us make a difference in a hurting world. Here’s the main ideas for what’s coming in the next three weeks:

FRIDAY NUMBER 2 –  November 8
TEARS IN A BOTTLE second edition release date announced!

FRIDAY NUMBER 3 –  November 15
KSM schedules 2020 and MISSIONvideo expands.

FRIDAY NUMBER 4 –  November 22
Carols by Candlelight CD/DVD release!

And for the record, right after that the fourth of the “Four Fridays”, the
Carols by Candlelight concerts begin!

That means thirteen appearances in twenty-two days covering three states! So there you have it! See why we need your prayers? I have shared on multiple occasions that selling a house, leaving a job and heading out into a bit of uncertainty at my age was a bit precarious. But it pales in comparison to the fear I have of standing in front of hurting people without the power of God on my life. In this crazy world success is defined by dollar signs, large crowds and public acclaim. In God’s economy we realize that success in this world is not about success in this world at all; it is about “success” in the next world… “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Only then can we experience true “success” in this life.

And for the record, don’t feel sorry for me. When I talk about what we have done, it is not in search of pity. This has been, without a doubt, the most incredible journey of my lifetime.

And that’s FRIDAY #1.